Valley Waste Disposal Company Office Building

The metal-type building was selected based on the extreme versatility, superior durability, and attractive cost savings they hold over traditional construction.

Project Details

Company Office Building
Valley Waste Disposal Company
7500 Meany Ave Bakersfield, CA 93308

Project Summary

Set in the expanding northwest of the City of Bakersfield, the 3,620-square-foot Valley Waste Disposal Company office building is a culmination of metal building construction and geometric shapes.

The actual structure itself lies on a 1/2-acre lot and consists of an inviting lobby area, executive board room, security vault, four offices, clerical center, contemporary lounge, and a vast storage room.
To proactively accommodate the potential for future growth, the storage area was also designed to be converted and used as additional office space. The south and east elevations are expressed with curvilinear shapes and “wings” of corrugated metal siding and vertical slabs of EFIS. The remaining two elevations are expressed with typical metal building materials. 

The client’s desire was to use the economy of metal building construction but articulate the exterior in a unique manner while being true to its character.

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