South High School Modernization

The South High School Modernization project is a comprehensive upgrade of the previously un-modernized portion of the campus. The desire was to upgrade and rearrange spaces to accommo-date current needs and technologies to solve persistent drainage and shading problems and to freshen the appear-ance of the entire campus.

Project Details

Remodel & Renovation

Project Summary

After meeting with project stakeholders, it became apparent that beyond this, the real overriding goal was to help reignite the sense of pride once felt by students, teachers, and the surrounding com-munity in their school.


To reignite the sense of pride, the campus had to look dramatically different, but budget constraints required that most of the campus could receive only minor cosmetic upgrades. Other areas needed significant work. The administration area of the school was very small by current standards while the library and book storage area were larger than newer campuses. By reconfiguring the interior of both buildings and adding a couple of small additions, both the administration and library were changed to be equivalent to those of a new school campus. By placing the new addition near the school entry, we could use this new element to more powerfully accentuate the school’s new look. A new, more vibrant color scheme is being planned for the entire campus to help bring back some of the vitality lost in recent years. Campus-wide fire alarm system upgrades and disability access upgrades are also included in the project.

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