Rio Bravo-Greeley

The Rio Bravo-Greeley School is a local landmark. It is widely recognized as an historic campus. The school was well built originally but in recent years, the weather and elements have contributed to its aged look.

Project Details

Remodel & Renovation

Project Summary

This project updated the campus utilities infrastructure, updated classrooms  with current teaching technologies, included energy saving improvements, and revitalized the entire campus while maintaining the historic image of the school. 


The existing administration  building was reconfigured to improve the flow of visitors and staff.  These changes allowed for greater security measures for the school.  Accessibility for the disabled was carefully integrated into the design to allow for access to the remodeled areas without changing the appearance of the campus. The project team planned the reconfigurations to tie to the original school design and character.  Great care was taken to maintain the visual identity of the school, so that community and alumni could both appreciate their heritage and take pride in their modernized school.

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