Organization-wide Facilities Master Plans

Ordiz-Melby Architects has a long history of assisting clients with their master planning needs. This planning can range from campus planning of commercial, healthcare, religious or educational clients to full organization-wide or district-wide master plans.

Project Details


Project Summary

Considerations such as needs projections, existing facilities adequacy, funding, phasing, repurposing, and new construction can all play an important part in a facilities master plan. 

When needed Ordiz-Melby partners with demographic experts, cost estimators, or facilities type experts to provide the most accurate projections and planning.

The most important Master Plan information needs to come from the project stakeholders.   Ordiz-Melby Architects’ team can facilitate discussions or develop questionnaires that get answers to the questions needed to understand their clients’ real needs.  Once need is understood, than the creative process of developing a plan can begin.  This process can uncover options that 

School District Facilities Master Plans for

Panama-Buena Vista USD

Rio Bravo Greeley School District

Standard School District

Kern High School District (with Schools Facilities Consultants & Klassen Corp.)

Critical Facilities Needs Assessments for

Greenfield Union School District

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