North High School Modernization

The project team along with the district staff worked together to meet tight state deadlines to make this modernization a reality.

The North High School Modernization touched almost every portion of the campus. The project was split into three phases to maximize state modernization program funding. The first phase was funded by state funding, the second phase was completely district funded, while the third phase will be funded by CTE (Career Technical Education) state monies.

Project Details

Remodel & Renovation

Project Summary

Phase I consisted of classroom modernizations.  Classrooms received new insulated ceiling finishes and new energy efficient light fixtures.  Walls  received new insulation and wall finishes.  New paint, flooring, cabinetry, and technology upgrades were also included in modernized classrooms.

Each modernized classroom was equipped with a ceiling-mounted computer-projector  for lecture and demonstration purposes.  The entire campus received a new up-to-date fire alarm system and upgraded data and fire alarm systems.

The Industrial Arts building was modernized with energy efficiency and re-roofing/repainting.  Energy items included insulating the entire building and changing out lighting and glazing for more energy efficiency.  The majority of the interior work, including utility work and equipment, was funded through CTE grant monies from the state.

Phase 2 consisted of reconfiguring the existing administration building to match the needs of the school’s current administration operations.  A new addition provided additional space and created an apparent “front door” to the campus.


Campus-wide site drainage system and new sump

Campus-wide fire alarm system

Campus-wide intercom system

Data upgrades for modernized buildings

Conduits for future data systems to nonmodernization buildings

Replacement of main electrical service transformers and panels (High Voltage)

Remodel of C Annex

Remodel of D Annex

Remodel of Industrial Arts Buildings

Relocate data head-end equipment to Building D


Campus-wide accessibility upgrades as needed for the work in this phase

Create an obvious “front door” entry point for the campus

Remodel Administration building for better efficiency

Paint the exterior of all non-phase 1 buildings

Provide the needed facilities to comply with Title 9

requirements for gender equity of athletic facilities

Remodel and repurpose any areas as needed to comply with Title 9 requirements

Add landscaping and site furnishings to enhance the campus quad

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