Garces Memorial High School Chapel Renovation

Garces Memorial High School recently celebrated its 60th anniversary as Bakersfield’s only Catholic high school. To commemorate this, Garces undertook a complete renovation of its chapel, which is one of the original buildings on campus.

Project Details


Project Summary

Renamed “St. Dominic Chapel,” the building now includes aesthetic and technical features that were not in the original building but ensure that its beauty and function will continue well into the future.

Inside the chapel, the chancel is defined with a curved soffit. Within the soffit are components for the new audio/visual system. The chancel has been further defined by a beautiful wood paneled wall. Stained glass was commissioned and installed on each side of the chancel wall and over the new wood doors along the back of the nave.

The exterior of the chapel was upgraded, with attention given to the original style and materials. A new lightweight concrete roof tile echoes the beauty of the original clay tile roof. A bell has finally been added to the original bell tower. The new exterior colors, though reminiscent of the original, give an impression of lightness that wasn’t seen before.

Garces Memorial High School has placed great significance on their students developing spiritually. The renovation of St. Dominic Chapel has provided another means toward that goal.

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