Frontier High School

Ordiz-Melby Architects, Inc. in association with Renfro & Cuningham, Inc. collaborated together for this new comprehensive high school for Kern High School District

Project Details


Project Summary

This design evolved from existing plans of Tehachapi High and Ridgeview High, a previous collaboration between the two teams leaders.  The team purposefully utilized  successful elements of the preceding projects and worked hard to strengthen and evolve the educational effectivness of the school. The floor area is just around 200,000 square feet and rests on a 62-acre parcel just off Allen Road here in Bakersfield. Operational capacity is always paramount in design considerations so Frontier was constructed to accommodate over 2,000 students. The construction cost for this project came in at $64.5 million and had a construction period from January 2005 to August 2006.

Scope: New Comprehensive High School
Owner: Kern High School District

6401 Allen Road

Architect of Record: 
Ordiz-Melby Architects, Inc., Renfro & Cuningham, Inc.

OMA Principal in Charge: 
William J. Melby

Renfro-Cuningham Principal in Charge: 
Don Renfro

Construction Duration: 
January 2005 -August 2006

Colombo Construction Company

$64.5 million

Site Size: 
62 acres

Floor Area: 
200,029 SF

Design Capacity: 
2,079 students

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