Patriot Elementary School

Patriot Elementary School consists of 20 classrooms, 2 kindergartens, a library, a computer lab, multi-purpose building, and administration offices. The educational program required a facility that would support cross-grade tutoring and interaction in a secure, efficiently organized, and intellectually stimulating environment.

A typical classroom cluster includes a common area shared by four classrooms to easily accommodate physical and visual communication. These shared spaces act as “pull-out” spaces for individuals and small group learning. The clusters are organized into double-loaded wings to reduce construction cost and provide efficient student supervision. The buildings form part of the perimeter security, reducing the need for fencing and resulting in a more inviting campus.

The site is organized around a courtyard for formal and informal activities. Designated drop-off areas are located to facilitate easy supervision. Public facilities are accessible outside the decorative fencing, while limiting public access into the core of the campus. The kindergarten classrooms are located closest to the administration building to reinforce the sense of nurturing, while the older students are situated further away, expressing their growing independence.

Sustainability Considerations

Exceeds Title 24

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