Ronald Reagan Elementary School

Ronald Reagan Elementary School includes 16 classrooms,   kindergartens, a library, a science/computer lab, a multi-purpose, building, and an administration building. The program called for self-contained classrooms in a secure and efficient organization.  The campus is sited in a growing community and must address the needs of existing and future technology. 

The site is configured in a straightforward organization with clearly defined sightlines for security at key areas such as parent drop-off area and between classroom wings.  Pedestrian traffic flow from classrooms, to multi-purpose, to play area is clear with little disruption to other classrooms.  Common and public areas are pushed to the edges for easy access and better security. The buildings form most of the security and still present a very inviting entrance.

Masonry and metal roof accents address the need for low maintenance and add to the aesthetics.  Student art is incorporated in a prominent location to reinforce the creativity and importance of children’s education.

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