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April 1st, Update

Wednesday, Apr 1, 2020

This is not an April Fools post.  Our office had a very unexpected visitor  today, and our phone forwarding provider has had intermittent call forwarding issues.   Despite this, work is still progressing surprisingly well.  

Danny briefly entered the office to get mail.  At essentially the same time, Jeannie  came to the office to collect some paperwork.  They inadvertently confronted an unknown person in the rear of our locked office.  Danny talked him out of the office, and Jeannie snapped good pictures of the person.  He claimed he was working for the property owner but would not accompany Danny to the rental office to confirm this.  He left the property without any more interaction.   It appears he was interrupted early, without the opportunity to do any damage, as far as we can tell.  A police report was taken.  Be aware that people know most business offices are vacant during this Shelter Order and may believe they have an opportunity to do things they would not be able to do during normal business conditions.

You may have experienced our second issue.   If you attempted to contact us through our normal office telephone number today, and were not able to reach us, you  experienced one of our Shelter Order complications.  Due to unprecedented demand, our telephone services provider has experienced some intermittent call forwarding issues.  They believe  they have corrected the issue, and calls are again being forwarded. If this happens again please be persistent, try our email addresses or our cell phones. Please know we are working hard to keep communications as open as possible.

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