Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is the most comprehensive change in project design, documentation, and delivery that the building industry has seen since the introduction of 2D CAD. The full extent of the possibilities associated with information-laden computer models is just beginning to be imagined. It is clear that the potential of BIM for more accurate, more economical, and more collaborative building documentation, construction, and operation seems almost limitless. That is why in early 2007, Ordiz-Melby Architects made the commitment that all new projects would be produced in BIM using ArchiCAD, a world leader in BIM software.

The power of ArchiCAD is in how it changes the process of design and documentation. A building is “modeled” with its components and attributes within the computer. The designer can instantly toggle from 2D plans to 3D perspectives and back, allowing designer, client, and builder to visualize the planned construction in 3D.  

This process provides our clients with a greater degree of clarity throughout the design process and more efficiency in the document production phase. Someday in the not too distant future, our clients will be able to use these models after building completion to simplify their building maintenance, operations, training, and inventory tasks.  

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