ACSA / Ordiz-Melby District Cup

Ordiz-Melby Architects is proud to be the primary sponsor of the ACSA / Ordiz-Melby District Cup, an annual golf tournament that supports ACSA (Association of California School Administrators) West Kern Chapters student scholarships.  For over fifteen years the tournament has brought together school district staff and vendors for an ideal day of golf, prizes, raffle drawings, and a delicious lunch.  

Each year, the ACSA / Ordiz-Melby District Cup is presented to the winning school district so it can be proudly displayed until the next year's tournament.  Past winners are listed below:


2020 Winners  Canceled due to Covid-19  

2019 Winners   Arvin Union School District, Stephen Cunicelli. Stephen Martinez. Jim Ventura, Feliz Loya

2018 Winners   Panama-Buena Vista USD, Kevin Silberberg, Glenn Imke, Jeff Foy, Jimmy Gellatly

2017 Winners   Fruitvale School District, Jamie Carlson, Danyel Kelly, Matt Torres, Phil Westendorf

2016 Winners   Norris School District,   Kelly Miller, Steve Shelton, Darren Grisham, Brad Giggy

2015 Winners   Richland School District,   Heidi Witcher, Doug Witcher, Troy Brookins, 

2014 Winners   Panama-Buena Vista USD,  Kevin Silberberg, Glenn Imke, Darryl Johnson, Jeff Foy

2013 Winners   Fairfax SD,   Chad Molennor, Tony Boschini, Sara Ansolabehere, Mike Ibarra

2012 Winners   Wasco Elementary SD,   Brad Maberry, Kelly Richers, Steve, Weil, Ben Juarez

2011 Winners   Fruitvale SD, Matt Diggle, Bill Jager, Matt Torres, Carrie Jager

2010 Winners   Beardsley SD, Dee Crow, Matt Billingsley, Russ wood, Mike Rudnic

2009 Winners   Kings County SD,  Rob Lowe, Xavier Pina, Carmel Draper, Sandi Lowe

2008 Winners   McKee Middle School,  Matt Ornelaz, Eric Falk, Ector Pereida, Michael Whipple

2007 Winners   Wasco Elementary, Brad Maberry, Kelly Richers, Bill Elliott, Brett Redd

2006 Winners   Muroc Joint Unified SD, Byron Johnson, David Quinn, Priscilla Quinn, Ludovico Sabio

2005 Winners   Wasco Elementary, Brad Maberry, Kelly Richers, Fred Wilbur, Ben Juarez

2004 Winners   Lakeside SD,  Mike Rude, Glen Ogden, Gary Mullen, Nick Kouklis


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